Being Non-Binary In College

In school, I am out to none of my teachers, and all of the queer resource center haha. Seeing other students come out to each other and be comfortable around one another has inspired me to come out to everyone there.

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Let me first say that I am incredibly privileged to be able to go to a school in the Northwest United States where views are more progressive than most of the states in terms of LGBTQIA+ acceptance.

On to the topic, my school is really a kind of safe haven for LGBTQIA+ folks and I feel incredibly welcome there. They put on shows and talks, as well as LGBT movies for everyone to watch together. We also talk about Trans issues every time I’m there, which makes me feel like I have a small support group of other Trans college kids to talk to and who will understand what it feels like to be this kind of isolated thing in society since our society is so binary. I have also met four other non-binary friends just at my school! And while we don’t keep in touch it’s nice to see representation and talk about the struggles of being non-binary as well.


Another upside about my community college is that we have gender neutral bathrooms! In every building on my campus! And the LGBTQIA+ group on the main campus is trying to integrate them into every campus as well! They aren’t perfect, they are kind of just like a one-room family bathroom that locks, and they call it a gender-neutral bathroom, but I use them every time I’m on campus and they make me feel affirming in my identity and give me visibility where there has been a lot of unnecessary controversy around the Transgender bathroom issue.

In the terms of classes on campus, professors are told and willing to use preferred names and pronouns. My only complaint about that is that a lot of college professors are outspoken and when anyone brings up the LGBTQIA+ community they tend to start stating their opinions even if they are negative, and this can be disheartening when you have to spend the rest of the term with this teacher. Hopefully one day all college teachers will be tolerant and be accepting. But we are still a long ways away.

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These are just some of the experiences I’ve had being LGBTQIA+ at my community college, and I know that there is even more of a community awaiting me at university once I transfer. I do want to highlight that not even close to all colleges are exactly like mine, and I think we still have a long way to go to make college campuses completely accepting and visible of LGBTQIA+ individuals.

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