Beginning Of Pride Month!

It’s finally here! The one month a year where everyone has to pay attention to LGBTQIA+ folks whether they want to or not. The month when straight people still don’t get the memo that Pride isn’t about them unless they are our allies, and if they aren’t they can stay home and whine. Because this is our time. And we as the Queer and Trans community have more of a voice than ever.

Sadly this month also comes with a lot of pushback from organizations that seek to silence our voices. Fox news, conservative and religious sites, and opinionated Youtube comment trolls. But we steadfast into this month with well, Pride. In who we are and what we will become.

However, I sometimes wish we had even more of a community. Yes, we are easily angered in the Transgender community especially. Because we are constantly told that we are not “Trans Enough” That our identities are a sham and that all we want is attention we never asked for in the form of bigots yelling at us. And unfortunately, in our own community, we also experience in-fighting about what it means to be Transgender and whose identities can be trusted. I believe the answer is, all of them.

Who are we in our OWN community to police who is valid and who is not? I do not know what omnisexual means and if I look it up I might not understand it (example). But that doesn’t mean that I am going to tell someone who identifies with that term that they’re a liar or that they “are just confused”. One, rude. Two, Who would I think I am? Telling people that they can’t be who they need to be when I have tried so desperately to understand my own identity and am still working on my own sexuality. To hurt someone like others have hurt me is hypocritical and morally wrong.  And makes me no better than the ones who have hurt me in the past.

This may never happen. My words might just be dust in the wind. But this Pride Month I really want to just…stop the in-fighting. And be supportive of one another. Of ALL identities, and ALL sexualities, and ALL expressions of both. The only way we are going to change this society of ours is if we fight it together. And not let ourselves be divided by petty mundane things. Thanks for listening, and Happy Pride Month!! 🙂

Love, Rhian.

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