Pride Month Part Two

Hello everyone welcome to Pride Month Part Two! There’s been a lot of talk on social media about July being kind of like a Pride Month Part two. (Pride Month just angrier). This is mostly stemmed from the fact that at the end of Pride Month, a lot of businesses, family members, friends, and people who said they were allies, no longer care about the LGBTQIA+ community and sticking up for them. In a country where our own president couldn’t care less about gay marriage and transgender rights even in the military, these are scary times for this community.



And so after pride month it can be difficult to go back to ‘normal’, when normal feels like you’re hiding yourself from society and trying to fit in it’s binary boxes once again. So, I have an ally challenge for you.

Please. Continue to fight for this community. For the Lesbian folks, for the Gay folks, for the Transgender folks, for the Ace folks, for the gender non-conforming folks too. If you stop fighting everyone else around you starts to care a little less too. And we can’t have that.

If we let up, we could let division into our lives and force others into boxes. Instead, please, continue to love your transgender children, not just when you take them to Pride. Continue to believe in your gay child, even without the rainbows over your eyes. Because LGBTQIA suicide is so, so real. And we just want to be accepted as we are.


And this challenge goes out to those who are LGBTQIA+themselves. Pride is liberating. Especially your first one. But just because all eyes aren’t on us anymore doesn’t mean you are invisible. My challenge to you is BE VISIBLE. However you can. In your communities, volunteering at LGBTQIA+ shelters, participating in your school’s GSA (Gay straight alliance), reaching out to your Queer resource centers, Donating to GLSEN, writing articles about LGBTQIA+ issues, anything to get the word out there and prove that we exist and until next June we will not be invisible. I also implore you to embrace your fellow LGBTQIA+ folks and realize that no one’s struggle is invalidated for any reason and we must, must all get along. For the sake of the future LGBTQIA+ generation.


Keep your PRIDE. Yell it up high, and never let it die.

Love, Rhian.



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