LGBTQIA Rights Don’t “Stop” With Marriage

I…have a lot of opinions and feelings right now. So you can take this opinion that I have into consideration or dismiss it as rambling and continue your day, your choice. LGBTQIA rights don’t end with marriage. Many conservatives like to think that that’s it, the gays have all the rights they need! And that is extremely false and very mistaken.

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Sure, Lesbian and Gay folks can now get married. That was monumental and a moment of pure history that will or should already be in the history books. However, in terms of marriage, Lesbian and Gay folks can still get persecuted against by ridiculous “religious freedoms” that people make up to give a reason to discriminate against LGBTQ people and their rights. They believe that they should choose who they do and don’t serve, based on their religious and let’s be honest, personal beliefs, biases, and bigoted opinions. Sounds familiar right? Maybe from around the 40’s or 60’s or as close as the 80’s?

And it doesn’t stop there.

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Trans Black women lives are the most vulnerable group in the queer community. They are a small percentage yet they are the murdered at an extremely alarming rate compared to other LGBT people. It is heartbreaking because you see this happening and you just want to hug the families and go to the vigil and say “Never again, I won’t let this happen again”. Even though it never should have happened in the first place and this community feels helpless because even parents of these women who are murdered have to go to the police themselves to get any details. And even then they still ID the body as a male. It’s sickening.

In America when you live in some safe cities, those with progressive policies at least, better than most areas, some have the privilege to forget the hatred until they experience it firsthand. I feel like I experience the queer community as one whole. When a trans girl in Nevada feels pain because her parents are disowning her and she’s now homeless, I feel the pain too. When I watch queer creators on Youtube get their videos spammed with anti-LGBTQ ads and getting strikes on their channels because they’re making educational videos for queer youth, I get enraged. And when Hollywood stars like Ellen Page or Janelle Monae come up and say something along the lines of “I’m queer and here to represent”, I mirror the tears (metaphorical or not) in their eyes, because even in Hollywood, LA, they are still putting their whole careers on the line.

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While my family may not have ever noticed much about my queerness, it has always been there. I have always been connected to the LGBTQ community whether from being Bisexual or from being Trans Nonbinary. And I am not “changing back”. This is who I am, who I’ve always been, and I am going to have strong opinions about how the community is faring, and my part in all of that. I hope that you would join me in supporting the LGBTQ community. Because Love is stronger than hate. And we all deserve that love.

Love, Rhian.


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