Amazing Update!

Update, I have a job! Yes, I am no longer a jobless bum who makes unwise choices in life. Hard work does pay off kids, I got a Lead Grocery job at New Seasons! They are a progressive and friendly company and I’ll even get my pronouns on my badge! Working for somewhere like New Seasons is just perfect for me I think because it is progressive, it’s Portland, it’s everything people love about the suburbs, to go to their friendly neighborhood market. And it has a whole team of people who love their jobs and that’s important too. I don’t think I could work without a good team to back me up. And usually, a new job would be nerve-wracking for me, but for this, I’m just excited. Which is a welcome change of mood since, not having a job felt like I had a cloud over my head constantly doing a downpour. But now I can finally relax, enjoy my summer, and think about all the new people I’m going to meet and work with.

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