I started my new job! It’s a great one and I’m proud of myself for getting it. Although I have some…personal worries. My first three days I’ve had tension/heat/dehydration migraines. They make me stressed, on top of the pressure that I put on myself for no reason now that I’m a “lead”, and that pressure is still there even though my manager told me not to put it on myself.

I’m just not understanding why I’m so tense at this new job and why I can’t just relax. Maybe I feel like I’m not doing good enough, maybe I need to be more relaxed and mindful and just take things how they are most of the time. I also noticed I’m constantly furrowing my brows as I’m stressed and that just makes my migraines worse.

This post might be going every which way but only because I am so out of it. My mind is foggy, I’m yawning constantly, I’m ready for sleep. Even though it’s only 8pm. I need to get back in the groove of having a fast pace job and still having time for myself and my personal and household care needs. I think that’ll be a good place to start on my weekend, and reflect on how I can just chill out and realize that I don’t actually have this big pressure looming over me, and that it’s all in my head.

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