Simply Writing

I feel like I haven’t written in a while, because I haven’t. I get so caught up in my 11-7, 40 hour a week job that my desire to write goes right out the window when I come home and all I want to do is feel my pillows under my head.

Except lately I feel that pull, when you do something you love but you haven’t in a long time. And suddenly, prompts, come out of nowhere and I’m a regular genius, and start to think, “I could make a career out of this”.

I start analyzing my ideas and realizing how important they are not just to myself, but to those I want to hear them, but how do I start?

By simply writing. I start writing without any specifics and my brain lets go of everything like rain in a California drought, and suddenly my thoughts are spilling everywhere on the floor, pooling at your feet. And they’re free..

Free to fill your mind with questions, ideas, and perspectives you’ve never considered before. Free to express feelings and how they relate to thoughts without any boundaries. Free to relate and BE the representation.

I was sulking a month ago and also just yesterday about the fact that there’s no nonbinary representation besides those on Twitter screaming “we are here” while everyone else is telling us that we do not exist. And I was angry that nonbinary folks aren’t being louder, that we’re just letting people call us fake, and imaginary without even listening to what we have to say about it because we are too quiet and we are too complacent.

I do not believe that we should be convenient to cis people. I do not believe we should give them much time to respect us. It should not be a second thought. I do not believe they have the right to tell us we do not exist. I’m tired of feeling shitty about my gender just because it’s not what society said we were ‘supposed’ to be. Nonbinary is what I was supposed to be all along. And I’m not letting anyone take that away from me anymore.

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