Showcase: Nonbinary Expression

This post is going to be a showcase of Nonbinary Expression! I took to Twitter and Reddit, asking those who are Nonbinary if they could post pictures of how they express themselves to the world through clothes and their thoughts about it, as well as examine it for myself. These are the results!

Nonbinary Expression is so vast and there’s not one “look” to being nonbinary. Everyone has their own unique way of expressing themselves to the world, and no matter what they decide to do, for others or themselves, is extremely valid! Each showcase will include three pictures of our lovely nonbinary friends, as well as their pronouns, and their thoughts on their own nonbinary expression.


Franky (He/him, They/theirs)-Twitter

Franky in a pink plaid shirt that says “Make it Pink Make it Blue” and holding their trans flag behind them.
Franky waving their trans flag behind them like a cape while wearing a floral collared shirt and sunglasses.


“I’m Franky, and I work for a mouse in Orlando. I express myself in the way I talk to my guests at work and interact with children and adults. Especially when it comes to magic, princesses, and pixie dust! I also love to sing Disney songs and wear clothes that showcase my faves.”


Franky standing on some steps, holding the rim of their glasses while wearing a bright floral shirt and white-washed jeans.

Jack Brown (They/Theirs)-Twitter

Jack wearing round rim sunglasses and a black hat with their blue collared shirt as they stare intensely in the distance, walking away from a church.
Jack in a side standing pose, wearing a unisex bathroom sign shirt, black shorts, wide rim glasses with a chain, and their wide-brimmed black hat.

“I usually dress in a trendy androgynous way leaning towards a hipster/witchy type of style. I prefer clothes that are more unisex appealing, but I very much enjoy floral prints far too much to just stay in the unisex category.”

Jack wearing their wide-rimmed glasses, their outfit has pinstripe long pants, dress loafers, and a graphic collared shirt, and a black necklace.

Vic (They/Theirs)-Twitter 

Vic in black fishnets, short black dress, and leather jacket, looking in the distance standing next to two trees.
Vic with rainbow eye makeup, and a black and white plaid shirt, giving a small smile.











“Hello I’m Vic, I identify as pansexual and genderqueer. Most of my life I’ve dressed more femininely, I tend to wear heels, crop tops, leotards, dresses, and makeup often. But I also love wearing a binder and having a more flat chest.”

Vic taking a selfie while wearing black skinny jeans and a black and a red floral tank top. Their hair is a faded blue.

Nicole (She/Hers, They/Theirs)-Twitter

Nicole taking a selfie in a bathroom, wearing fishnets, high heeled brown boots, camo shorts, a black shirt, and a gray jacket. They’re also making a peace sign into the camera.
Nicole in the candle aisle of a store, crouching and taking a selfie. Wearing a short blue patterned dress and a long grey sweater. Their hair is orange/blonde.













“Hi, I’m Nicole and I very much like ‘feminine’ things. My style is very all over the place, but it’s generally just clothes that make me happy. I wear clothes that are made for boys and for girls. Clothing has no gender.”

A sideways selfie of Nicole, wearing plaid pants, fannypack, black crisscross blouse, large yellow rainjacket, and a face mask over their mouth.


Alexis (She/Hers)-Twitter

Their Trans Comedy podcast

“I’m Alexis, I’m 36, nonbinary, and married to an FTM trans man. We have two kids together. My husband and I do a podcast together, along with another friend. It’s an all-trans comedy podcast.”

Alexis in a leather jacket, her headphones around her neck, hair up in a braid, and blue lipstick on.
Alexis taking a selfie, wearing light-washed jeans and a pink tank top. Her hair is down.













Rasam (They/Theirs)-Reddit

“I am starting by expressing myself to me. I am starting to wear things that make me feel cute. Given my personality, knowing other people will find it cute is also important to me. But I do it as a reaffirming mechanism to myself, not to please them.”

Rasam wearing a blue long sleeve dress with a black print, and tall black boots.
Rasam taking a selfie in the mirror. They are wearing a rainbow sweater and black pants. Their right thumb is in their pocket and their other hand is holding their phone. Their nails are painted purple.















Myself-Rhian (They/Theirs, He/His)

Rhian is sticking their tongue out and looking up. They’re wearing a blue sweater, long chain necklace, and wide-rimmed round glasses. Their hair tucked under a purple beanie.
Rhian is standing at the waterfront. Looking out at the Willamette River. They’re wearing jean shorts, a dino shirt, a blue plaid shirt, and purple doc marten’s. Their hair is short and blondish brown.










“I barely think about what others think I look like anymore. I’m nonbinary no matter what I’m wearing. My expression is kind of androgynous boy I guess. I love printed t-shirts, beanies, and my round glasses that fit my face perfectly. It’s all about feeling yourself no matter what. And maybe one day everyone else will catch up.”


8C0A5137_cr op
Rhian is sitting on the side of a fountain, one leg on the side as well, smiling towards the camera. Still wearing jean shorts, a dino shirt, and a blue plaid shirt.

I also did a poll on Twitter asking if what Nonbinary folks wore specifically related to lessening their body and social dysphoria, and if that works for them. The results are as shown:

It seems that most votes use clothing expression as a way to lessen their dysphoria, and it works for them, which is great! Some it doesn’t work, and for others, they just wear whatever they feel, and that’s cool too. I just thought that was an interesting question to ask because I myself do think about dysphoria and what will feel good to wear in terms of my body, even if I don’t think about other’s opinions.

Nonbinary Expression is so beautiful in all of its forms. It takes someone strong to unapologetically be who they are and express how they feel, whether they are staying in the binary or not. Clothing has no gender anyway, and to assign people to these labels based on how they look would not be accurate at all.

We are slowly becoming ourselves. All we ask is that you’re along for the ride, and support us every step of the way. Because even if you aren’t, we’ll keep going anyway.

I want to thank all of these beautiful people for being a part of this post. Please go check out their twitters and other social media.

You’re beautiful, no matter how you identify and how you express yourself, you are a valid human being.

Love, Rhian.


Featured and Rhian’s images edited by Tyler Beam (OOS productions)




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