Summer Binding: A How-To

This small post is a PSA for all my trans and nonbinary folks that use binders, how to bind safely during the summer! Summer is crazy hot and will only get worse as time goes on (thanks global warming) so for those of us that use binders, it makes summer extra hard to go through!... Continue Reading →

As unbelievably cringy as this title sounds, it's a valid question. What are your dreams made of? Your ambitions, your drive. I ask myself this a lot and always wonder whether I am on the right path. In this time of strenuous politics and economy, I wonder if I can live a fulfilling life without... Continue Reading →

I started my new job! It's a great one and I'm proud of myself for getting it. Although I have some...personal worries. My first three days I've had tension/heat/dehydration migraines. They make me stressed, on top of the pressure that I put on myself for no reason now that I'm a "lead", and that pressure... Continue Reading →

Pride Month Part Two

Hello everyone welcome to Pride Month Part Two! There's been a lot of talk on social media about July being kind of like a Pride Month Part two. (Pride Month just angrier). This is mostly stemmed from the fact that at the end of Pride Month, a lot of businesses, family members, friends, and people... Continue Reading →

Summer Blues

I've had a rough week. At my most recent job, while I was able to start using my new name, around the same time, my hours had been cut. From 35-40 hours, down to a mere 15-20 hours. I was devastated. I was crying in the bathroom stall after I confronted my manager about it... Continue Reading →

I am Done!

BEHOLD, I am done with this school year. The first year towards my new transfer degree in English done and done. It was tough. I went through a lot of mental rough patches. Coming out as Non-binary was the biggest one. However, I had good patches too. I got engaged at Christmas, got acquainted with... Continue Reading →

Having Supportive Friends

Featured Image from Friends. As an adult, they are very hard to find and keep. I consider my friends the backbone of being there when I need them, and I'm there to support them as well through anything they might be going through. I currently have five GOOD friends. And I mean good as in... Continue Reading →

Being Non-Binary In College

In school, I am out to none of my teachers, and all of the queer resource center haha. Seeing other students come out to each other and be comfortable around one another has inspired me to come out to everyone there. Let me first say that I am incredibly privileged to be able to go... Continue Reading →

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