The Line Between Self-Care and Depression/Mental Fatigue

*******CW: Mental Health, self talk.******** *******Disclaimer: These are my thoughts and my experience only. Everyone is different. I am not saying that everyone who is doing self-care is "just depressed", or that every one that is depressed should "just do self-care". This is just what I noticed about myself.******* + + + + + +... Continue Reading →

Summer Binding: A How-To

This small post is a PSA for all my trans and nonbinary folks that use binders, how to bind safely during the summer! Summer is crazy hot and will only get worse as time goes on (thanks global warming) so for those of us that use binders, it makes summer extra hard to go through!... Continue Reading →

I’m Back??

I haven't posted in a while...or made any articles in a while. But that doesn't mean it's a bad thing, I've just been busy. And happy, I suppose. Content with my life and what it contains. However, I don't stay that way for too long. My personality is very unstable in that once I create... Continue Reading →

As unbelievably cringy as this title sounds, it's a valid question. What are your dreams made of? Your ambitions, your drive. I ask myself this a lot and always wonder whether I am on the right path. In this time of strenuous politics and economy, I wonder if I can live a fulfilling life without... Continue Reading →

Recently,  a friend of my dad's got in touch with me who is a transgender woman. This talk made my day. She is one of my dad's best friends and my dad supported her before I even came out. Hearing her story liberated me because she lives in the hard south where there can be... Continue Reading →

Outside The Boxes

Many folks, including yourself growing up, were probably told to believe whole-heartedly in the gender binary. The binary told you where to go with your life, how to act, it chose your direction like fate or a destiny I never asked for. But as humans, we are not a computer binary of 0 or 1, but... Continue Reading →

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