Pros and Cons Around Top Surgery/Testosterone

***Small content warning: Body Anatomy/Surgery talk*** When it comes to transition, thoughts can coincide and decisions can become clouded between wants and needs. To work through these thoughts I've made Pro and Con lists for both Top Surgery and going on Testosterone. These lists are not 'proof' that I will choose or not choose to... Continue Reading →

FT(N) Top Surgery

************Content warning! Body, Chest, Medical Surgery, Terminology, and description ******************** What is it and Why? So, there is a clear content warning on this post because it can be hard to talk about our bodies. Especially getting a surgery that I will get because it will make me feel more comfortable in my skin. What... Continue Reading →

I am Done!

BEHOLD, I am done with this school year. The first year towards my new transfer degree in English done and done. It was tough. I went through a lot of mental rough patches. Coming out as Non-binary was the biggest one. However, I had good patches too. I got engaged at Christmas, got acquainted with... Continue Reading →

****Content Warning Mental Health/Dysphoria**** I just needed to write something today. I'm probably not going to share this post on all of my social media like I usually do, because this is just for me. Writing helps me get my thoughts out even when I don't have many of them, and especially when I have... Continue Reading →

Gender Dysphoria

***Content Warning Dysphoria/Mental Health/Surgery***     So, this topic of Dysphoria I was going to lump together with gender expression just because my gender dysphoria plays a part in how I express myself to others. However, Dysphoria shouldn’t be taken lightly and is a very heavy subject that troubles me and many other Trans folks.... Continue Reading →

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