Being A Nonbinary Trans Wiccan

Changing gears from talking about testosterone and top surgery, I wanted to talk about spirituality, in conjuncture, my own. When I was younger I was Christian. Presbyterian I guess. But only because my mom and grandparents were. And so, my own path of spirituality didn't start until I was ten. I was always a kid... Continue Reading →

Pros and Cons Around Top Surgery/Testosterone

***Small content warning: Body Anatomy/Surgery talk*** When it comes to transition, thoughts can coincide and decisions can become clouded between wants and needs. To work through these thoughts I've made Pro and Con lists for both Top Surgery and going on Testosterone. These lists are not 'proof' that I will choose or not choose to... Continue Reading →

FT(N) Top Surgery

************Content warning! Body, Chest, Medical Surgery, Terminology, and description ******************** What is it and Why? So, there is a clear content warning on this post because it can be hard to talk about our bodies. Especially getting a surgery that I will get because it will make me feel more comfortable in my skin. What... Continue Reading →

Labels: What, Why, How?

Labels ┬áIn this world, we strive to find a place for ourselves. To make sense of our experiences and explain our thoughts and feelings, physical or mental. And in the LGBTQ+ community, it is common for us to use labels and even newer ones, to describe our sexual orientation or gender experience. Now, many of... Continue Reading →

Summer Blues

I've had a rough week. At my most recent job, while I was able to start using my new name, around the same time, my hours had been cut. From 35-40 hours, down to a mere 15-20 hours. I was devastated. I was crying in the bathroom stall after I confronted my manager about it... Continue Reading →

I am Done!

BEHOLD, I am done with this school year. The first year towards my new transfer degree in English done and done. It was tough. I went through a lot of mental rough patches. Coming out as Non-binary was the biggest one. However, I had good patches too. I got engaged at Christmas, got acquainted with... Continue Reading →


This isn't NonBinary related, but my life isn't all about my identity. It can be about a lot of things. My family, my Fiance, or my cats. It can be about work, school, and hobbies like this blog. My identity is extremely important to who I am as a person and shapes how I conduct... Continue Reading →

Beginning Of Pride Month!

It's finally here! The one month a year where everyone has to pay attention to LGBTQIA+ folks whether they want to or not. The month when straight people still don't get the memo that Pride isn't about them unless they are our allies, and if they aren't they can stay home and whine. Because this... Continue Reading →

****Content Warning Mental Health/Dysphoria**** I just needed to write something today. I'm probably not going to share this post on all of my social media like I usually do, because this is just for me. Writing helps me get my thoughts out even when I don't have many of them, and especially when I have... Continue Reading →

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