Summer Binding: A How-To

This small post is a PSA for all my trans and nonbinary folks that use binders, how to bind safely during the summer! Summer is crazy hot and will only get worse as time goes on (thanks global warming) so for those of us that use binders, it makes summer extra hard to go through!... Continue Reading →

As unbelievably cringy as this title sounds, it's a valid question. What are your dreams made of? Your ambitions, your drive. I ask myself this a lot and always wonder whether I am on the right path. In this time of strenuous politics and economy, I wonder if I can live a fulfilling life without... Continue Reading →

I started my new job! It's a great one and I'm proud of myself for getting it. Although I have some...personal worries. My first three days I've had tension/heat/dehydration migraines. They make me stressed, on top of the pressure that I put on myself for no reason now that I'm a "lead", and that pressure... Continue Reading →

Pride Month Part Two

Hello everyone welcome to Pride Month Part Two! There's been a lot of talk on social media about July being kind of like a Pride Month Part two. (Pride Month just angrier). This is mostly stemmed from the fact that at the end of Pride Month, a lot of businesses, family members, friends, and people... Continue Reading →

Having Supportive Friends

Featured Image from Friends. As an adult, they are very hard to find and keep. I consider my friends the backbone of being there when I need them, and I'm there to support them as well through anything they might be going through. I currently have five GOOD friends. And I mean good as in... Continue Reading →

Beginning Of Pride Month!

It's finally here! The one month a year where everyone has to pay attention to LGBTQIA+ folks whether they want to or not. The month when straight people still don't get the memo that Pride isn't about them unless they are our allies, and if they aren't they can stay home and whine. Because this... Continue Reading →

Singular “They”

The infamous singular They. They/Them/Their. You learned it in school. You thought it wasn't necessary. But now non-binary people are coming out and now you whine about using the singular They, now that it has more of a purpose! Even though you've been using it all your life. When you don't know if someone's friend... Continue Reading →

****Content Warning Mental Health/Dysphoria**** I just needed to write something today. I'm probably not going to share this post on all of my social media like I usually do, because this is just for me. Writing helps me get my thoughts out even when I don't have many of them, and especially when I have... Continue Reading →

Gender Dysphoria

***Content Warning Dysphoria/Mental Health/Surgery***     So, this topic of Dysphoria I was going to lump together with gender expression just because my gender dysphoria plays a part in how I express myself to others. However, Dysphoria shouldn’t be taken lightly and is a very heavy subject that troubles me and many other Trans folks.... Continue Reading →

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