Pride Month Part Two

Hello everyone welcome to Pride Month Part Two! There's been a lot of talk on social media about July being kind of like a Pride Month Part two. (Pride Month just angrier). This is mostly stemmed from the fact that at the end of Pride Month, a lot of businesses, family members, friends, and people... Continue Reading →

Labels: What, Why, How?

Labels  In this world, we strive to find a place for ourselves. To make sense of our experiences and explain our thoughts and feelings, physical or mental. And in the LGBTQ+ community, it is common for us to use labels and even newer ones, to describe our sexual orientation or gender experience. Now, many of... Continue Reading →

I am Done!

BEHOLD, I am done with this school year. The first year towards my new transfer degree in English done and done. It was tough. I went through a lot of mental rough patches. Coming out as Non-binary was the biggest one. However, I had good patches too. I got engaged at Christmas, got acquainted with... Continue Reading →

Singular “They”

The infamous singular They. They/Them/Their. You learned it in school. You thought it wasn't necessary. But now non-binary people are coming out and now you whine about using the singular They, now that it has more of a purpose! Even though you've been using it all your life. When you don't know if someone's friend... Continue Reading →

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