This isn't NonBinary related, but my life isn't all about my identity. It can be about a lot of things. My family, my Fiance, or my cats. It can be about work, school, and hobbies like this blog. My identity is extremely important to who I am as a person and shapes how I conduct... Continue Reading →

Having Supportive Friends

Featured Image from Friends. As an adult, they are very hard to find and keep. I consider my friends the backbone of being there when I need them, and I'm there to support them as well through anything they might be going through. I currently have five GOOD friends. And I mean good as in... Continue Reading →

Just a small status today! While I don't know how much longer I'm going to be at my current job, I am now kind of 'out' as nonbinary at work! My new name tag now says Rhian! It is a small feat but it makes me feel really great. I can now say "Hi Thank... Continue Reading →

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