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Hello! My name is Rhian. I am finally making this blog after tons of back and forth debating in my head. It is time.

I came out as Non-binary actually not long ago, it’s been almost two months. But I had known I was Non-binary for about four years now. I was just afraid. Of the backlash from family, friends. The confused and skeptical looks.

One night after I came out I was browsing the internet and there aren’t very many support sites for Nonbinary folks. No one explaining how they feel, how they dealt with the emotions and feelings and so many other things after their realization of this identity.  I felt so isolated like no one knows what I’m feeling and wouldn’t understand my identity. I cried and screamed into pillows. It felt like I was stepping out of the box I was always put in but now I was in this new one and this time it was locked and I couldn’t escape because I was alone.

I did find some places. Aminos, Tumblrs, Youtubers and others that were like me and felt isolated even when we were talking to others like us. But no one really wants to talk about their feelings, because they can’t get the words out. Or they can’t articulate it. So I started to realize that was my goal.

I want to articulate and explain how my personal experience of being Nonbinary manifests. And I want to provide resources and information pertaining to new Nonbinary folks that don’t even know where to start on how they feel and direction on what to do once they do feel this.

Nonbinary is a relatively new concept to western society. We have been trapped in these binary rooms for so long it can be hard to imagine unlocking and stepping out of them.

I hope you will follow me through this journey and even if you think it’s all malarkey, at least you listened. And that’s all that matters to me.

Love, Rhian

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